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My Approach

The name "Volar" comes from the Spanish word - "to fly" - as well - was my nickname when I was a kid.  So it felt like a good name for the work that I do.  Flying moves you forward - it gives a bigger - bird's eye view - the ability to see things from a new perspective - something like counselling

My approach to counselling is rooted in a depth of experience.  I have been a therapist for 25 years - as well - I have my Masters of Social Work (1992)

The majority of my experience has been as a therapist in a  women's health clinic.  I have always seen my approach in this work as one that is grounded in the experience and life of the individual .   As a counsellor - I come to this work with tools to help navigate some complicated emotions and experiences - but I believe primarily in the wisdom and intuition of each individual.  I think we all have a hunch of what we would like in our lives - there can however be obstacles to reaching that place.  Counselling is a good place to understand the obstacles and to find ways through or around them.

                                   Things that I know to be true in this work:

   *  That it is wonderful to come to this work with curiosity, creativity and compassion and sometimes a bit of humour.

   *  The resilience and strength in people.

   *  That we are all given irrevocable gifts 

   *  How incredibly important support is.

   *  The power and the gift of faith.

   *  The intrinsic value and the uniqueness of each of us

   *  That we all know on some level - what we want in life - however - there are often barriers in getting in the way.  Understanding what is                    holding us back is in itself so much of the journey.

   *  Having a safe place to understand ourselves - to give a voice to our story and to be heard - is important.

   *  Answers are easy to give - however - often difficult to apply to our lives without having  support.

   *  We all have a story.  We can often get caught in a narrative or story of ourselves  that can keep us stuck.

   *  Telling our story and understanding the world that we are part of and the difficulties that are being faced is transformative.

   *  The importance of mistakes.

   *  Counselling is good work and a very good journey - full of surprises and it is one that makes life richer and bigger

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