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About Me

A quick introduction:

I am originally from Calgary and came to Winnipeg as a young adult.  I have my Masters in Social work (1992) and have worked as a therapist for the past 25 years in a feminist based women's health clinic.  I offer one-to-one counselling for individuals of all ages in a safe, confidential, and supportive space.  I have experience working with people who come from a variety of backgrounds and life choices and I bring these skills to my counselling practice


On a more personal note of where I come from   - I am married, I have two kids in their early 20's. 


I come from a family that is pretty involved in flying and travel. 

In fact the name of my practice - Volar - comes from the Spanish word meaning "to fly" - and - happens to be my nickname as a kid.


At 50 I undertook the massive challenge of getting my pilots licence.  This has given me an appreciation of doing something so out of my comfort level - it was humbling - sometimes hard and sometimes fun - so rewarding - such an accomplishment.

Something like the journey of counselling  - it is challenging - takes courage as well as being really patient with oneself - about being supported in learning new skills -  learning how to trust yourself - sometimes discovering strengths you never knew existed- and - it is about making life bigger.

Flying has also given me the opportunity to be involved in a volunteer service for a humanitarian organization where a few times a year - with my husband  - we deliver small aircraft to to remote parts of the world.  This experience feeds my curiosity for the world and an appreciation for the uniqueness of individuals and cultures  - and the beauty found all around the world.

As a therapist and hearing the stories shared by individuals of all ages and backgrounds- I have been often humbled by the courage and resilience.  In my time spent as a therapist  I am able to offer a number of strategies and tools to manage issues in life - however - I have learned over the years - that the most important aspect of counselling is based in the understanding that we all have a sense of what we want in our lives - maybe not always knowing how to get there.  What counselling can offer is a safe place  to be heard - to navigate and understand your life and to gather the resources and courage along with support to move forward.

If counselling is something that you are looking for - please feel free to contact me and we can talk about if this is a good fit for you


Volar Counselling Services


Val Neufeld, msw, rsw

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