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group work

I offer small groups as a way of holding discussions.  These groups can be used as a way of simply listening and speaking - with the goal of gaining deeper understandings of ourselves and those around us - as well - these groups can be held as a way of addressing complicated  or sometimes sensitive issues.


The format is that of "a circle".

The circle is  a  space where the goal is to create a space  to speak and to listen - and through listening to one another  - able to understand one another - sit beside our differences - learn from one another and have a space to share our thoughts.

It is amazing how transformative this simple format can be.

As in counselling - one comes to the group based on the following principles:

* That it is wonderful to come to this work with curiosity, creativity and compassion and sometimes a bit       of humour.

   * The resilience and strength in people.

   *  The unique and irrevocable gifts that we are given

   * How incredibly important support is.

   * The power and the gift of faith.

   * The intrinsic value and the uniqueness of each of us.

  *  Having a safe place to understand ourselves - to give a voice to our story and to be heard - is so important .

   * Answers are easy to give however very difficult to apply without support.

   * We all have a story - we can often get caught in a narrative or story of ourselves and our lives that can keep us stuck.

   * Telling our story and understanding the world that we are part of and the difficulties that are being faced is transformative.

   * The importance of mistakes.


If you are interested in this - please contact me and we can discuss it in more detail

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